As a Christian parent, do you share Bible verses with your kids in the hopes that they will see how important it is to always be thankful and grateful and never grumble again . . . but it doesn’t seem to work?

Truth is, our words are making an impact—more than we think! Still, sometimes we need fresh ways to talk about being grateful to our kids. Ways that can help turn their thoughts away from themselves and call their blessings to mind.

Next time you’re talking about gratitude with your kids, try creating a conversation around the Bible verses you’re using to teach them to be grateful, so they understand how Scripture relates to their lives.

You can find 5 Bible verses for your kids about gratitude and three examples of how a conversation about gratefulness could look in your own home over in my contributor post at Go Minno! 

Read it HERE!

Bible verses about Gratitude for Kids

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