Here’s a back-to-school plan for Bible study and back-to-school devotions for your kids to help them grow in faith this year! 

As the new school year begins again I’ve been thinking about how to help my children continue good Bible study habits. 

This past summer when we were all home together, it was easier to make time for the Bible with our kids. However, I don’t want that to slide backward now that school has started once again.

how to get your child excited about reading the Bible

If you want to help your children grow in their Bible reading habits, it’s good to have a plan! 

The nice thing is, this can be a really simple plan!

Here are my three quick tips for a “back to school” Bible study plan for your children! 

Remember, it’s not about perfection. God is faithful and even if we don’t do it every day, any amount of time in God’s Word is beneficial to our children’s faith! 

Back to School Plan for Bible Study


1) Pick a time for Bible Study with your children

Try to pick a consistent time each day. For instance, I found that it was easier for my kids (ages 14, 12, and 9) to read from their Bible reading plans before bedtime. I like to read the Bible with the 6-year-old before bed also.

You might find that your children get up early enough that it benefits them to do it first thing in the morning, or if you’re homeschooling or remote learning this year, maybe reading the Bible right after lunch during a quiet time is the best.

Do what works for your family at a time of day that can be the most consistent for you and do your own Bible reading alongside them if you can!

2) Pick a place to read the Bible

I like to choose a quiet place to read the Bible because it means less distraction. If you have young children along with older kids, this can be tough! But you can do this! 

Often, my children need to be split up in different rooms. Because we do this before bed (now that school has started in person again), they can just be in their rooms. My 9-year-old has trouble staying focused, so often I’ll have him sit on my bed upstairs (because he sleeps downstairs) while I’m out in the living room. 

If you find your children getting distracted or unable to finish their Bible reading, simplify the number of verses they read or the length of the devotional they use. 

If it’s easier with younger children, try using our Back to School devotions and have a family Bible study time instead of doing it independently! It truly is beneficial however you do it! 

3) Choose age-appropriate Bible reading plans or devotionals

There are a LOT of children’s devotionals out there and it can be hard to choose the best one for your family. 

You can find some of my best recommendations in my Amazon store (Look under the Kids’ Devotions and Bible Studies idea list)!

Everything I choose for a Bible storybook or devotional for my kids is grounded in Biblical truth and engaging to read!

The obvious benefit of choosing a Bible study or devotional that fits your child’s age is that they can absorb Bible-based truths in a way that they can understand!

This is part of why I created Back to School Devotions for Kids!

Back to School Devotions for Kids gives you seven school-related devotions you can use to read and talk through Scripture with your children, best for ages 5-10!

Each day includes two Bible verses to read and memorize, a brief devotion that relates to the passages, a “talk about it” section with questions to dig deeper, and a daily prayer.

This resource gives your busy family the tools to talk about important situations that relate to the school year with your kids to help them have a strong foundation of faith as your child goes through his or her unique school year experience.

You can get started reading these with your children now by clicking the button below! 

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For your children ages 7-14, we also have Kids Bible Reading Plans!

Blessing on your school year with your kids!