Welcome to my first Babies & Beyond Link-up! I’d invite you to link up anything about babies, pregnancy and motherhood! Babies & Beyond will be posted every Monday night at 8 pm EST! Of course, the link-up is open all week, so just drop by whenever you get a chance.

I was invited to co-host this link-up with some other lovely bloggers, so you can find this link-up here each week!

Just a reminder, there are lots of ways you can follow along with each of your co-hosts. We LOVE getting to know you!
This week I am featuring Sarah @ A Quiet Home and her post The Toil in the Tantrum.
I can very much relate to Sarah’s feelings of confusion and exhaustion. Sometimes parenting feels like an endless string of quick decisions, and so often I doubt if I’ll ever do any of it right! And just when I have something figured out, a new challenge comes along. I think I need a nap!

And now it’s time to LINK-UP! I can’t wait to read what you all have to say this week!

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