It seems like we’re reminded often to “give thanks” during the Thanksgiving season, but as we approach Christmas, the many blessings that I have come to mind.
I am so thankful for the days when I hear my older two children busily playing “store” in the basement or pretending our large laundry basket is a boat and they need to rescue their animals from the “ocean” (aka the floor).

When they help their baby brother sit up or get him a toy or just give him a hug and smooch, I am assured that my efforts of teaching them to love each other are making their mark.

I am very thankful when my husband comes home from work, happy to see us, and gives us each a hug. Then we talk and share how our days have been. He doesn’t even ask for a “break” from the family before launching into the “dad” and “husband” part of his life, but gladly helps me out when I need it most.

And as we get ever closer to Christmas, my heart is filled with joy when I consider a small family who lived over two thousand years ago: Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Joseph and Mary’s willingness to follow God’s will for their lives, even though it was unconventional, is an amazing truth to comprehend. As they raised Jesus, who grew “in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man”, they did their best to understand this child, their (and our) Savior.

Jesus came, He really came! He gave up His glory in Heaven and lived among us and took the penalty for sin on our behalf, opening again the door to the glorious kingdom of the Father. His resurrection gave us hope, peace and joy, both now in these seasons of Advent and Christmas and for eternity.
What brings you joy today?
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6 Comments on As We Approach Christmas…

  1. Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts. It is so true that even when our children can be difficult to love, we must pour out love to them all the more!

  2. I’m finding joy in similar ways—spending time focusing on the Baby in the manger, and what a strange way that was for God to save the world!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. We have MUCH to be thankful for!

  3. Beautiful kids and beautiful thoughts – I am thankful for how well my children (MOST OF THE TIME! :D) play together and am filled with love for them, even when they’re difficult to love.

  4. Beautiful post! How cute that your kids play store and pretend the laundry basket is a boat!

    I love the photo of your kids with your husband, too!

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