Fall is the perfect time to learn about apples! Here were some of the Preschool Homeschool ideas we found for learning about this fun fruit.
We started out with our Bible verse, Psalm 17:8: “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” We used a devotional idea from 2TeachingMommies to reinforce the verse. Then we sang the Apple song from “Songs for Saplings“.

We used some of the Letter A printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We colored and traced the letter A sheet from these printables, counted the apples on the tree and put it in “L’s Alphabet Folder”.
L liked the apple matching cards–helpful for learning shapes too!
We used the number pages from the Letter A unit by laying them all mixed up out on the floor, calling out a number and having the kids jump to it. Then I removed a couple of numbers and asked them to pick out which ones were missing.
Grandma Elaine came over for a day and we canned some applesauce. I forgot to take pictures but it was a good addition to our apple unit! Before we ate our PB and J Apple Sandwiches, we sang the Johnny Appleseed prayer and we watched the video on YouTube!
Next came the apple tree craft made by tracing the kids’ arm and hand.
Wow, was she impressed with the red paint on her fingers!
All we needed was the sun and some grass to complete the scene!
We also did apple stamping, but I wasn’t really impressed with the results (the paint bled through the construction paper), so no pictures :)

We read some fun books: How Do Apples Grow?, Apples, Apples! and Johnny Appleseed.  We used the pictures in these books to talk about the parts of an apple (stem, core, seeds, flesh).
Will joined with us in watching a video about how to grow an apple tree from a seed.
Enjoy learning about apples!


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  1. cute unit I just finished an apples unit myself. Seems like kids always like apples and pumpkins, even my 3rd grader enjoyed our apple unit :O)

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