My husband is a full-time pastor with two churches, which makes things a little crazy on the one day of the week when we’re supposed to be “resting”. I thought I’d share with you a {Sun}day in the life of a pastor’s wife with a 6, 4 and 1 year old along for the ride.

During church, beginning at 10:30 am, I am again sitting nicely, ahem, wrestling with three children, with a prayer that I’ll get at least something out of the worship time. Some of the things we try to do during the service to make things pleasant are…

Find out how I keep things (somewhat) sane in church over at day2day joys!

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4 Comments on A {Sun}day in the Life of a Pastor’s Wife

  1. Jenn, I read your post over there! Nice to see a peek into your day :) And, I think real is good. It doesn’t help anyone for you to set yourself up on a pedastal and pretend you’ve got it all together. So, I appreciate you sharing!

    • Thanks, Crystal! I’m glad to find someone who thinks it’s ok that I’m just laying it all on the table ;)

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