I’m pleased to bring you the first of our adoption testimonies this week, from my friend Natasha at Mother of Seven.

Our adoption story begins back when I was a little girl. In the Sunday paper each week there would be a picture of a little boy or girl who needed a home. One picture in particular I still remember of a little boy with a sweet smile and round cherubic face. He had on glasses with bottle cap lenses. It was obvious he had some special needs, but my young heart was tugged. I wanted him to have a home, and I remember begging my parents to take him. It was then God planted a desire in my heart to help children who needed a home.

The years passed and I grew up, went to college, and married. In discussing children with my husband, I shared my dream to help needy children. My husband agreed it was a good thing, but then we began having babies.  We were blessed with four beautiful children in six years. 
Our daughter, Kaytlin, was the second born. She greatly desired a sister by the time I was pregnant with child number four. She already had two brothers, and she was determined this baby would be a girl. At twenty weeks the sonogram revealed we were having another boy. We gently broke the news to her, but she was not phased.  Our sweet four year old daughter continued to pray each night for a baby sister. I thought after Cory was born, she would quit praying. This was not the case. She continued to pray every night for a sister.

My husband and I discussed having more children, but for medical reasons my doctor had strongly suggested we wait three to five years before having any more children. We waited and then about the time we were trying to decide about having more, God gave me a vision of a little girl who needed a home. It was vivid and real. I was moved to tears and shared it with my husband. This brought back our discussion of adopting a child in need of a home. We decided to pursue foster care classes. This way we would be ready for the little girl if God so chose to bring her to us.

God did bring us our little angel girl, the very girl I saw in my vision, two months after we received our foster care license. Our daughter had her sister at last. God answered her prayer, and he threw in a big bonus.  Kayt’s new sister had two brothers that came to our home with her. We were able to finalize adoption of all three children just ten months after they came to our home.

Our family in 2010
Troy was almost 8, Michael was 5, and Amber was 3 when they became a part of our family. Our adoption journey was the hardest thing we ever did. Even now six years later we continue to have our challenges. I believe God gave me a vision of a specific child as a way of confirming over and over to me that we were doing what he intended. It gave me the faith and courage to carry on when I had no strength to continue.  
Children out of foster care have lots of baggage to deal with. However, we would not choose any other path. Every child is a blessing from God. Every child deserves a forever family. Every child needs to know the love of God in their lives.

When we began this journey, I naively thought it was all about what I would be doing for someone else. God has shown me it’s about what he’s doing in my life as well. Our experience has softened this lump of clay.  Before I was hardened in my ways. I thought I knew the answers. God has humbled me and is molding me. He has brought me to my knees before him.  He’s shown me his greatness and power. He has amazed me. I have a deeper appreciation of my adoption into God’s family. I truly stand in awe of what God has done for me. 

Adoption brings about change. I know it changed my life. It changed our family. It changed our children. It has brought about change in our church and community. Amazingly it has even changed our adopted children’s birth family. Most importantly, however,  it has brought about changes that make an eternal difference. God changed the future through a desire, a prayer, and a dream.


Kayt and her answer to prayer enjoying playing together even now six years later.

If you would like to read more about Natasha and her family’s adoption story, you can visit her at Mother of Seven!

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