If you’re looking for a new Bible study to do over the summer (or any time!) with your ladies’ group, I am so excited to share with you my favorite women’s studies!

I’m very particular about the studies I use. They must be:

  • True to what the Scriptures actually say
  • Direct you back to God’s Word rather than just the study writer’s opinion
  • Engaging
  • Easy to discuss
  • Give you the experience of knowing God and His Word better when you are finished!

There are nine studies I’ve personally done that I’m recommending today! I’ll break down the details on a few of them and the rest will be a brief overview.

These can be done with a group OR on your own, but I’m specifically focusing on what could work well for a women’s group.

As far as other studies, there are many good commentaries that strictly walk you through a book of the Bible.

The studies I’m referring to today are specifically for women, by women (with the exception of ONE, written by a guy).

9 Women's Bible Studies that are worth doing. Recommendations that will help your Bible study ladies group dig into God's word at any spiritual point in your lives!

9 Women’s Bible Studies that are Worth Doing

Twelve Women of the Bible and Twelve More Women of the Bible

Twelve Women of the Bible Twelve More Women of the Bible

The first study in this series walks through 12 familiar women of the Bible and how God showed His faithfulness through their circumstances, then tying their situations to our own. Twelve More Women of the Bible shares about lesser-known women and I liked that one better than the first!

The material is Biblical and engaging and I feel stays close to the original story in the Bible. These studies are done with a DVD and a study guide. You purchase one study guide with the DVD and then just additional study guides in the amount you need.

Videos are about 15-20 minutes in length. The lessons aren’t too long, but they do promote good discussion. This is great, but can also make it likely that you won’t get through all the questions. :) When we did this, we went through each lesson over the course of two weeks, but you could just give people a chance to finish the questions on their own.

I think this study can be used for women of all age groups, but leans slightly toward appealing more to younger women.

Twelve Women of the Bible link

Twelve More Women of the Bible link

None Like Him Bible study

None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing) by Jen Wilkin

These 10 lessons about the attributes of God really help us understand Who God is in comparison to who we are. They are deep and profound, and may be just slightly overwhelming for a brand-new believer who doesn’t know about general Biblical concepts, but for anyone else with basic Bible knowledge, the lessons help you dig deep. The chapter questions are very introspective. Each chapter has a prayer regarding that chapter’s subject that you can write out.

There aren’t a ton of questions for each chapter, so this can be easily used alone or with a group (possibly building in your own additional questions or lengthening discussion). Women of all ages can benefit.

Cultivating Contentment Women of Faith Bible study Lucy Swindoll

Cultivating Contentment

These topical guides deal with issues that women wrestle with today, such as friendship, encouragement, managing moods, finding contentment, and how to live out your faith. The questions are great for discussion but not too deep. Good for women of all ages.

Before Amen by Max Lucado

Max Lucado is somewhat cheesy and doesn’t appeal to everyone. His books don’t usually appeal to me. But he does bring to light some positive points about the meaning of the Lord’s prayer and growing closer to God through prayer.

At one point in the Bible study, he says we have “power” through prayer, and seems to imply that God will change His mind through our prayers. While there are evidences of God having compassion and relenting from strict judgement, it didn’t happen simply because of our prayers, but because of His mercy. Scripture clearly says God doesn’t change His mind (Numbers 23:19, Malachi 3:6), so I considered that claim quite a reach. Other than that, though, I felt what was shared in this study book was Biblical.

Questions are simple and brief. Great for all ages, could be helpful for a Christian who is new to the faith.

Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for Living Well from Courtney Joseph

I like Courtney Joseph, she is very Biblically focused and gives solid teaching. I am not as flowery in my speech as she is, but I appreciate her approach. Ecclesiasties study is what it says it is: An in-depth Bible study. This is a book of the Bible that isn’t tackled often in women’s studies, so I’d definitely recommend this.

surrender nancy leigh demoss

Surrender: The Heart God Controls by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

We actually just finished up this study in our women’s Sunday school class at church. Nancy tackles some really intense issues here. This study is very convicting, but in a good way. She draws parallels of surrender to areas of Scripture and also to real-life stories of surrendering to God. It reads well and the questions are deep and personal.

I’d recommend using it in a small group, not a large group of women because of the personal nature of the questions.

Esther from Darlene Schacht

This is a good, basic study that walks you through the book of Esther. You can actually download the study itself for free on Darlene’s website but you can also purchase the companion journal so you can do this study with a women’s group.

Encouraging One Another

Another, older, Women of Faith Bible study, Encouraging One Another is great for a group of women who are in the same age bracket, yet I can see how it might be nice for a mentoring type group at a church as well. Good practical questions and suggestions on topics centering around reaching out and supporting each other as fellow Christian women.

I’m sure there are many other great women’s Bible studies that I just haven’t learned about yet, so please leave suggestions in the comments!


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8 Comments on 9 Women’s Bible Studies Worth Doing

  1. All of these look very interesting, I don’t know where to start! Any suggestions for a young women’s study? My group ranges from about 16 to 25 years old. All single and with a desire to grow closer to the Lord and lean on each other more and sisters in Christ.

    • Hi Valerie!

      I would definitely suggest 12 Women of the Bible or 12 More Women of the Bible! The presenters of each lesson are all very different, and they can speak to unique types of situations in all stages of life. Another one I’ve heard great reviews of (that isn’t on this list) is What Matters Most by Karen Ehman (it’s a study of Philippians)–she addresses navigating friendship, worship and drawing closer to Jesus (which was super important for me when I was single–rather than looking to guys or even friends for my identity). You can find more info on Amazon! I believe you also purchase a DVD teaching set along with the books for your study. https://amzn.to/2MY2VXn Hope that helps!

  2. Jenn, thank you so much for this list. I greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into your suggestions and the explanations of what and why.

    I also greatly recommend Community Bible Study – for anyone who really wants to know more about God’s wonderful word. They have 30 week studies, so require quite the commitment, but are very well worth it!

    I wish you every success in being Mom, encourager and blogger!

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