I’m always looking for quality programming for my kids. We don’t allow them to watch a lot of TV or use electronic devices very often (see how we control media time in our house), but there is something to be said for allowing your kids to take a break now and then for a good show (I will admit I like to be able to take a shower in peace, too). 

As a Netflix Stream Team blogger, I like to check out the new shows and movies that are available both for kids and grown-ups. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding new seasons to existing shows but new programs seem to be added on a fairly regular basis.

I’ll be honest, there are some kids’ shows that Netflix has added that I shake my head at–they just don’t seem to have any redeeming value. But there are several that I’ve seen pop up lately that I’m looking forward to sharing with my kids! Here are some new faves.

netflix sept

New Netflix Programming for Kids

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – Can I get a “woot woot”?! SO pumped to have this show on Netflix now! My 4 year old LOVED the classic crayon factory episode of course–here he is, glued to the TV, which for once I don’t mind!

Jude Mr Rogers


Please ignore the dirty laundry in the basket by the dresser and the fact that we temporarily have our TV in our bedroom in the new house–this is real life, is it not? ;)

Lego City – This 30 minute feature movie has all the fun Lego City characters in it (firefighters, the bank robbers, etc) that my children have in their actual Lego collection. Fun!

Pandas: The Journey Home – A documentary by National Geographic about pandas that are cared for and released into the wild. Something I think my 9 year old is really going to enjoy!

Leap Frog and Scout Educational Videos – I think they’ve added a few onto their collection since the last time we watched one of the episodes of this collection that teaches preschoolers about numbers, letters, math and more. My four year old sings along to the helpful songs and even our almost two year old asks for “Leap Fwog!” in the mornings.


Zoo Clues – The episodes of this new show talk about all kinds of strange and wonderful things about animals (the smallest animal in the world, which animal uses it’s eyes to swallow (what?), and other really cool facts). I think the 4, 7 and 9 year olds would all love this!

Piglet’s Big Movie – This one isn’t listed as new, but I haven’t seen it featured before, so that’s “new to me!” 

Lego Friends– I struggle to find good shows for my 7 year old daughter that are specific to her gender on Netflix. But Lego Friends has proven to be acceptable as an option. I wish they’d add more American Girl movies! But honestly, she loves watching Odd Squad, the new episodes of Wild Kratts and other shows right along with her brothers, so that’s ok!

Inspector Gadget and Dinotrux – Two new shows that are “Netflix Originals” and have been very good so far! These are kind of “silly shows” that are watched mostly for entertainment but are still ok for our family!



What are your favorite shows that your kids have been watching on Netflix lately?

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