Sometimes I come across blog posts or magazine articles about eating “real food”. Real food is basically foods that are natural, whole, unrefined and eaten as close to its original state as possible (i.e. a banana rather than banana flavored cereal). This definition does not include highly processed and refined food products, fast food and stuff out of boxes with more than a few ingredients.

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Often these articles advocate an all-organic, all-the-time policy and while I think that’s a wonderful goal, I have realized that I can’t actually eat this way every day {unless I wanted to deprive my children of shoes, and when you live in a place where it can get 30 below zero in the wintertime, that’s not a good idea}.

So what’s a gal like me to do when she wants her family to eat healthy, real food but also lives in the real world with a budget? I give to you seven realistic ways to eat real food on a budget. These have worked for my family, which includes my husband and I and three young and hungry children. I hope they are helpful to you as well!

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