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pantry organization

I like to look at organization ideas online and drool over them, especially the pretty images I see on Pinterest! But a lot of them, though beautiful, seem to be featuring products that are far too expensive for my frugal self!

I recently decided my pantry needed an overhaul. It’s a small one that combines both food (on one side) and brooms/natural cleaners on the other side (they are separated!). It was pretty messy and unorganized and I couldn’t find anything. It took a bit of brainstorming (and taking a peek inside my friend’s pantries for inspiration) but I came up with some low cost ideas to keep a pantry as organized, clean and streamlined as possible! 

Use Glass Jars for Small Snack Items

If you have children who love granola bars and fruit snacks like I do, there’s a better solution for keeping them contained than the boxes they came in. I found a few large tempered glass containers at a garage sale and spray painted the lids. They were perfect and because they are tempered glass, less fragile/breakable.

Easy Pantry Organization

Use Mason Jars for Baking Supplies

Large quart jars work so well for storing sugars and baking soda (I buy the big bags because I also use soda for cleaning). They are much less messy than having the bags they came in spill over and create disaster :) The pint jars are good for specialty items like slivered almonds or cupcake liners!


Write on Top of Your Canned Items for Easy Identification

This is a little trick my mom taught me! It helps to write on top of your canned items because when you slide out your pantry door you don’t have to lift up each can to find out what’s in it.

Simple Ideas for Pantry Organization

Store Safe Cleaning Supplies in a Mason Jar with a Parmesan Cheese Lid

When I learned this little tip, it blew my mind! You can screw the lid of a parmesan cheese container onto the top of a pint size Mason jar!! 


I use these to store washing soda (which I scrub with), baking soda and cornstarch. (It would also work for things like cinnamon sugar mixture or other homemade spice mixes, like my Pumpkin Pie Spice.) Also in this picture is a cute little basket I store my cleaning cloths in for easy access. I use old rags and also a few microfiber cloths.

Line Your Pantry Shelves with Antimicrobial Shelf Liner


I’m not a germaphobe, but I like to have my home free of contaminants as much as possible. For lining our pantry shelves and drawers, I used the newest “addition” to the Easy Liner® with Clorox®. It has Clorox® antimicrobial protection of the liner to prevent the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew.

And of course where there’s food, there’s an opportunity for strange things to appear if I’m not careful! I won’t even tell you what I just found in the back of one of those shelves….needless to say, dried fruit can only be preserved for so long….

Here are some cool facts about the Easy Liner shelf liner with Clorox:

  • Features an antimicrobial additive embedded into the shelf liner material that will not degrade over time and remains active as long as the product is in use – even after washing.
  • Ideal for use in all areas of the home, even the refrigerator (although, not suggested for direct contact with raw foods).
  • Easy to cut, install, replace and reposition without hassle
  • Bleach-free material
  • Water-resistant

IMG_3474mini IMG_3478mini IMG_3480mini 

It was super easy to apply. Just measure your space, measure to proportion on the liner, cut (I used a fabric scissors, it slides smoothly through) and place in the drawer or on the shelf. 

IMG_3486mini IMG_3487mini

Not only did we put it in our pantry, but we added it to our silverware drawer as well. The liner I had before was very thin and the heavy silverware organizer ripped right through it. The Duck® brand liner is soooo much thicker and nicer!

duck 1

Doesn’t it look pretty? My plain old wooden drawers, transformed, are protected and easy to clean. These liners make this frugal mom happy to have at least a small part of her house organized! :) Learn more about Easy Liner® with Clorox®!

What are your best tips for organizing and protecting your kitchen cupboards and drawers?

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