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We’ve reached the final day of the Joy in Motherhood series. We’ve talked about three hang-ups that steal the joy from motherhood, one seemingly negative phrase that’s okay for moms to say, Scriptures for joy, helpful resources for overwhelmed moms, and encouragement to get organized so you can enjoy your family!

In the journey of motherhood, our joy comes from the Lord. That’s really the bottom line. Situations change, days come and go and our children make their way through each stage of life, all of which present their challenges.

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32

The beautiful part of this mess is that God has given us all things that we need for life and godliness. His Word contains a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for parenting. There is no greater source. Practically speaking, it’s sometimes hard to carry out those Biblical exhortations and commands, but each morning we can commit ourselves and our children to a loving Father who cares deeply for us, His creation, whom He has bought and redeemed through the blood of Jesus.

 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Cultivating joy as a mom is simply an outflowing of thankfulness for the grace God has given us. When we don’t receive that lovingkindness (another word for grace!), we are unable to pass that same gracious, forgiving spirit onto our children. Thankfully, we can have that grace every day by coming to Him in repentance for where we’ve messed up and receiving the forgiveness that allows us to carry on and continue in our pursuit of motherhood. 

I wanted to close this series with some thoughts about finding day-to-day joy as a mother. Too often, I get caught up in the momentary annoyances and struggles and I want us all to be purposeful about how we pursue the gift of each day with our children.

It is only by God’s grace that we can be intentional and have it be a truly lasting change.

I will probably be working on cultivating joy in the day-to-day of motherhood until I go on to glory and chances are you will be working on it too! I am thankful that there are so many things to take joy in as a mom!

5 ways I am finding everyday joy in being a mom! Don't let yourself get dragged down in the daily annoyances. Here's how to choose joy.

5 Ways to Find Everyday Joy in Being a Mom

Stop what you are doing and give your child a hug. This is such an effective tool, especially in the moments that we find our children starting to misbehave because they are wanting our attention. The text message, the baking bread and the drink of coffee can wait (well, most of the time, ha ha) until our children have received a big hug and heard, “I love you”!

I love how my 19 month old runs over to me, asks to be picked up and then throws her arms around me and snuggles into my shoulder multiple times a day. She so freely gives and receives hugs at any moment. I want to be like that with all of my children, every day! Stopping and pausing gives perspective as well.


Pray for an attitude of joy before you begin your day. It’s such a simple thing to do but is often forgotten! It might be a quick prayer uttered in the shower or as you swing your legs out of bed but it is still a good reminder. A great way to remind yourself to do this is to hang a notecard in a spot you go to everyday (on your bathroom mirror, over your kitchen sink, etc) with a prayer for joy or Scripture verse written on it. 


Learn to pursue contentment in your circumstance. It’s very easy for me to compare myself to other moms and base my “success” in mothering on what they are doing or not doing. Social media causes me to think that everyone else’s children are always well-behaved, loving toward their siblings or happy all of the time. It’s also difficult for me not to say, “well, if I had that much money, I could…..”, “if my parents babysat my kids all the time I could….” or something similar.

The truth is, not only is it unfair for us to compare ourselves to other families in this manner, a lack of contentment is also a huge joy-stealer. I believe it could be the biggest thing that tears away the joy of motherhood.

If you feel like you don’t measure up or that you’re not living your dream as a mom, I pray that you’ll take this to the Lord (as I have had to quite often). He does provide all we need and will not forsake us, even if we are going through a difficult season of motherhood or feel inadequate next to all the “perfect moms” out there. He has gifted us and graced us with our children. They are ours and we can take joy that God has entrusted them to us, with all of their unique needs that only we can address!


Take time to play with your kids each day. Not only is this a chance for me to have one-on-one, quality time with each of my children (my friend Jennifer, a mom of 8, has some great tips on doing that!) but I think it helps me refocus. When I feel scatterbrained and can’t seem to get anything done, it’s usually a signal that I need to take a break from trying to “kick against the goads” and just play! 

P.S. I didn’t used to like playing dolls either, until I just decided to see it as me reliving my childhood through my 6 year old daughter. Ha. Plus, look at these vintage paper dolls I found at my parents’ house!


Let yourself laugh over something that would normally make you cry. You know what I’m talking about–the spilled milk, the hundreds of foam stickers all over the floor (and I’m really talking hundreds), the “number two” you found in the tub during bathtime. No other explanation necessary! All I can say is that it’s true what they say, “a joyful heart is good medicine.”


Step by step, one day (and sometimes one moment!) at a time, the Lord can cultivate in us an attitude of joy, true contentment and a loving spirit toward our children. It is possible to rediscover and continue to have joy in motherhood! Grace and peace to you today.

Sally Clarkson’s book The Mission of Motherhood, is one of my favorite parenting books! I have read it several times over and there is always something new that I glean from it.

What is one way you’re finding everyday joy in being a mom?


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27 Comments on 5 Ways I’m Finding Everyday Joy in Being a Mom

  1. The hugs! I agree, there’s so much joy in the hugs, cuddles, and smiles :)

  2. I love all of these answers! Thank you for blessing me with these things you do to take joy in your children! I have chosen the winner, Carly and she will be receiving her book soon!

  3. I find joy in laying down with each of my littles at bedtime to pray, snuggle, make shadow puppets on the wall, or talk about their day. I really cherish it!

  4. This week I’ve found great joy while soaking up sunshine and digging in the dirt as my children helped me plant our vegetable garden :)

  5. I like to do something special with them like taking a short trip to the park or grabbing an ice cream on the way home from errands. It seems to brighten my day and theirs.

  6. I find joy listening to my kids sing praises on their own throughout the day and sitting and reading with my younger ones snuggled on the couch….there are many more but these are some recent highlights to my day.

  7. I love this post, thank you so much! I can totally relate to this with my three boys. I find great joy in every day with each of them between all the homework, studying, dinner, bath time, reading and just being with them the few hours I have between the time I get home and their bedtime. As moms with other duties, we must always remember to find the joy in motherhood! Thank you!

  8. Very encouraging post! Beautiful pictures! Interesting series! I’m visiting you from Making your Home Sing Monday LInkUp. Blessings

    Tayrina from TGAWrites
    Words of Comfort for Your Heart

  9. I’ve loved reading this post. It was truly heart warming and as a new mom I am so looking forward to seeing my little girl grow and share all the joyful experiences with her!

  10. I have been so intrigued by that book!

    I often find joy in stepping back and observing my girls. I almost always end up laughing about what they are doing or saying. My 3.5 year old is currently singing away, yet another made up song. ;)

  11. This series has been such an encouragement to me! Thank you! I find joy with my kids when I take time to do a craft WITH them!! It’s my chance for all of to make a mess and it be OK!!

  12. This is a great article. I struggle everyday to find joy. I love tip #2 Pray for an attitude of joy before you begin your day. That is something I need to do. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from Mom 2 Mom

  13. I have 2 boys and their preferred play isn’t always my style. :) But I find joy when I stop what I’m doing and engage in play as they direct. They are so creative and fun!

  14. One way I find joy is to appreciate what makes them unique. I am a mother of three (one daughter and twin boys) so many times I feel that I’m focused on getting them to “behave” or “do work” but I forget to enjoy who they are. I use the 5-yr memory book to jot down silly quotes they say or things they do.

  15. Thank you so much for your encouraging series! Praying for more joy in our home everyday! I’m taking more time for hugs and more time for tickles– it’s the little things that bring my kids peace! I’d love to win a copy of the book– it sounds great!

  16. Good series. Came searching, frustrated mother of 3 (4 and under), needing help…

  17. Love these reminders. One thing that I have been trying to remember lately is something that I learned at a recent children’s ministry conference that I attended – the phrase “It’s just a phase, don’t miss it”. Every day my kids are growing and changing. I need to choose joy and relish the little sweet (and not so sweet) parts of each of them, because tomorrow they will be different and I will wonder where the time went. :)

  18. This series came at the right time. When I first came upon it I was near the end of my pregnancy with my 5th child. She’s over a week old and while I am enjoying her…I find I am under joyed with my other children. I will be reading these posts over and over. Right now I’m finding joy in motherhood by not rushing to put her down when she is sleeping or even when she is awake. With my olders, I’ve tried to focus on THEIR particular expressions and statements. I find joy in the way Henry sticks his bottom lip out when he’s being silly or Grants frown when I ask him to do a chore.

  19. Thank you for this! I had forgotten how to find joy and really needed this boost. I recently started to give spontaneous hugs and thank my kids for how they help me and really just for being my child. That gives me joy.

  20. I find joy each day by starting it with coffee, quiet, walking, praying, and watching Joyce Meyer. I also hug my kids as often as I can. thx

  21. Love this article! The way I find joy is to stop what I’m doing and sing and dance with my twins. Sometimes I just lay on the floor with them and watch them play or read a book with them.
    The Lord has greatly blessed me but sometimes if my day isn’t going to plan I forget my joy. I like to finish each day by saying thank you to God even if I’m not a happy mummy, I usually end up feeling better after remembering my blessings.

  22. I find joy in reading aloud with my kids. Some of our favorite times are snuggled up together listening to great books. It is uninterrupted time that stretches all our imaginations.

  23. I have found our best and happiest days are days that I truly spend all my time with the kids (i.e. not trying to get “just” one more chore done or mentally distracted thinking about all the things that I need or want to get done). Thank you for this series.

  24. The ways I find joy in motherhood is starting my day out with quiet time with the Lord and also by spending time playing on the floor with my children, on their level-doing what they want to play. :) great series!

  25. Thanks for the great articles! I have been encouraged to live with more joy and also teach my children to be joyful. Love the part about about laughing instead of crying about those little annoyances!

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