A couple of months ago, I shared 5 classic kids’ movies you can find on Netflix! Now I’m going to tell you about the TV shows I like to watch when I have a few moments of down time! One of them is even ok to watch with your kiddos :) In no particular order, here they are!

Call the Midwife

1. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is a BBC period drama series about a group of nurse midwives working in the East End of London in the 1950s. It’s a fun, fabulous show, and I have enjoyed season 1 so far! This show is based on a series of books and it’s rather appealing if you’re a Downton Abbey fan!

2. 19 Kids and Counting

I LOVE the Duggars. Though I doubt our family will ever be close to that size, the Duggars are such an intriguing family with a strong faith and a good sense of humor! This is a show I feel comfortable watching with my kids (for most episodes) and I can always find some good tips from Michelle on mothering, organization or frugal living.

Watch Season 2, episode 5, and you’ll see a huge red Tupperware bowl that they’re mixing Grandpa Duggar’s cake in for his birthday. I sent them that Tupperware bowl a few years back–I figured they were the only people I knew who could use a 32 cup bowl! Michelle sent me a thank you note just a week later ;) 

Once Upon a Time

3. Once Upon a Time

I’m not sure why I decided to watch this show, but I found myself absolutely hooked. It’s a classic good vs. evil plot line but the character development and the way they connect fairy tale and storybook characters together in order to form this story about a young woman who finds herself in an enchanted town is fairly genius. Looking forward to season 3 being on Netflix–hopefully soon!


4. Psych

If you are a child of the 80s like I am, Psych is full of lots of music, movies and moments from that odd yet fascinating decade. The main characters, best friends who solve cases using “psychic” skills, aka the power of careful observation, are clever and funny, the plot lines are original, and as actors, the cast works well together. This show is both sweet and hilarious at the same time. And the 1980s tie-in? It’s their favorite decade too. All except the last season are currently on Netflix.

Ken Burns: The Civil War

5. Ken Burns Documentaries

The first documentary I watched from Ken Burns was The Shakers. For some reason, that one isn’t on Netflix anymore, but there are several others that are very interesting and informative. The Civil War, The Dust Bowl, Jazz and Prohibition are among the excellent choices.

Do you have any favorites on Netflix Instant Streaming? I’d love to find some new shows!


 I was contacted a last year about being a Netflix Stream Team blogger. Our family had used Netflix in the past but were disappointed when they discontinued a lot of their kids’ shows, so we unsubscribed. I was offered a year’s subscription to Netflix and the opportunity to rediscover their children’s programming, using their movies and TV shows to correspond to crafts, recipes and other ideas we create as part of our family time.

For the next 3 months, you’ll read about some of these shows, activities we do that relate to them and a year-end review of Netflix once I’ve seen what they have to offer now! Hopefully this will be helpful to you in deciding whether to use Netflix in your home.

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