Having a stronger devotional life and finding time to read the Bible isn’t impossible, even when you’re a very busy mom and life seems crazy! Our 5 Days to a Stronger Devotional Life free Mini eCourse will address some of the common frustrations we have as moms when it comes to finding time for God’s Word and real-life ways to overcome them!

A few weeks ago, a reader emailed me and asked this, verbatim: “HOW do you find time to read the Bible with intention??”

To that sweet reader….I hear you!

As a mom of four, I understand what it’s like to be really busy and feel overwhelmed with everything else that’s going on around you.

Finding time to read the Bible can seem like just adding one. more. thing. to your day!

We know it’s important to be in God’s Word. We know what the life-changing words of Scripture can do for our troubled and anxious hearts and minds.

But it’s become obvious to me that most of us aren’t satisfied with our own devotional life!

I know a ton of moms asking this very same question that my reader did: How do you find time to read the Bible and actually get something out of it? 

It’s Not That Complicated

Sometimes I believe that we make Bible study more complicated than it needs to be. We read articles about different study methods or see intricate study programs and think, “What am I missing?” and, “Why can’t I make this work?”

We see gorgeous photos on Instagram of ladies snuggled up in a chair with their (hot) coffee, clean Bible and perfect journaling handwriting….and we get discouraged and figure, “If my devotional time can’t look like THAT, why even bother?”

There’s definitely a time and place for extremely detailed Bible study methods to be sure. And maybe there’s even the possibility of still drinking our coffee hot while we do devotions ;)

But what I really think we need to do when we’re just getting started (or restarted) with spending time in God’s Word is to keep it simple.

If you’re with me, and you truly want to find time for reading and learning Scripture in the middle of the busyness, then I’d invite you to learn with me how we can carve out time for God’s Word together. Let’s cultivate a stronger devotional life by identifying some of our hang-ups that overwhelm us and find practical ways to overcome!

Don’t let perfection keep you from reading the Bible with intention!

Join me for the FREE 5 Days to a Stronger Devotional Life Mini eCourse!

better devotional life ecourse

In this ecourse, you’ll learn and implement five “components” of nurturing a stronger devotional life! Each day’s challenge will take just a few minutes to begin putting into practice.

These ideas will help you as a mom, whether your kids are tiny or if you’re in a more experienced stage of motherhood :)

I promise you, even when life feels crazy, you can be purposeful about time in the Word.

Some of the habits that make your devotional life stronger and your Bible study more profitable may not be what you think! 

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