Do you celebrate Lent in your home? It’s a period of time before Easter in which we can intentionally remember Christ’s last days on earth and His sacrifice for us! 

In order to help us focus our hearts and help you and your family (and ours!) have a dedicated Scripture and prayer time each day of this season, I created this Lenten Printable Prayer Chain!

I hope you will be blessed by this “40 Days” Free Lenten Printable Prayer Chain, which actually includes 41 (because I also did one for Resurrection/Easter Sunday) days of Scripture and prayer prompts for kids and families that can be used throughout the Lenten season (but really any time of the year)!

Free Lenten Prayer Chain Printable- 40 Days of Scripture and Prayer Prompts for Kids and Families

You may have seen this last year! It was so popular, I thought I’d share it again!

Just click here for your free printable download, then cut out the prayers into strips and use them to create a “prayer chain”, with one prayer prompt and Bible verse being used every day for 40 days. (Further instructions on the printable.) We use purple paper since it’s a Lenten color but you can use whatever you want :)

Just leave me a comment if you have any questions!

Lenten printable prayer chain for families

You can also click the image above and you will be directed to the prayer chain! This is for personal use only in its original format (no derivatives). Thank you for respecting my work!

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  1. Thank you so much for providing this! I was looking for something to celebrate Lent with my three year old that wouldn’t be over his head or beyond his attention span. This looks perfect! And will grow with him. I’m so excited to use this! Thanks!

  2. Thank You so much your time in making this available to us parents! This is exactly what I will be using! Thanks again! I’m very eager to use This!

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