Our daughter, Leah, received her first American Girl doll for her 7th birthday last summer! She loves it so much! So I thought it might be fun to have an American Girl themed birthday party this year!

Pinterest is a great go-to source for inspiration! Here are 35 ideas, including food, decorations, activities, gift ideas and more!

{P.S. Most of them are budget friendly, or at least could be made at home with a little DIY talent!}

35 Ideas for an American Girl Doll Themed Party

35 american girl doll birthday party ideas

American Girl Decorations:

Happy Birthday banner made with Dollar Store plates

Red and white balloon canopy made with plastic tablecloths and balloons

Mason Jars with striped straws for drinking

DIY Pom Garland made from yarn


Tulle pom pom garland

Themed table decor – could mix and match any colors!

DIY drinking cups (for the AG dolls–wait until you see what they’re made from!)

Party hats for the dolls

Photo booth idea

American Girl inspired birthday banner (this could be a DIY project!)

Party Banner from Amazon

Pretty invitations in red, pink and white

My own idea: Decorate with some brightly colored daisies, which can be found at most grocery stores!


agparty7 photo credit: https://catchmyparty.com/photos/1705244%5B/caption%5D

Treats and favors displayed in glass apothecary jars

Smores (regular size ingredients AND mini marshmallows and tiny graham crackers for the dolls–kind-of silly, but cute!)

Milk bottles with cookies and cute straws

Star shaped frosted sugar cookies

Chocolate dipped, sprinkled pretzels – use the color of choice

Red, white & blue popsicles, dipped strawberries and rolled ice cream sandwiches

Red, white and blue fruit kabobs (made with strawberries, blueberries & marshmallows)

Rainbow fruit cups

Cookie cutter sandwiches  (shown in butterfly shape, but a star cutter would be so cute!)

Watermelon & cucumber cut in the shape of stars

American Girl Doll Activities:

Printable American Girl doll activities

American Girl doll word search

American Girl doll Bingo

DIY American Girl doll shirt (it’s pretty cool what they made it out of!)

AG doll coloring pages

No Sew Tutu (for the dolls or the girls at the party!)

Doll & Me necklace and hair tie craft

No Sew blanket for an AG doll


American Girl Spa Robe (think how cute this would be with a “spa” themed party!)

Bubble wands with stars on top for favors

American Girl doll birthday scavenger hunt and other activities

AG doll style bracelet party favor

More American Girl craft ideas

American Girl Doll Gift Ideas

You’d be missing out if I didn’t also share some great American Girl doll themed gift ideas!

While they aren’t official AG brand, we’ve been pleased by these “fits 18 inch doll” outfits on Amazon! My daughter has received several for gifts. The only one we had some trouble with was one with sparkles, a lot of them fell off. But my daughter doesn’t really care.

This company, Sophia’s, is who we’ve bought the outfits from and they have tons of accessories too! The doll brush pictured below is amazing for Leah’s doll’s hair! Just click on the images to find them on Amazon.

If you’re looking for Dollie and Me type matching outfits, there is a decent selection on Amazon too!

I hope this post has given you some great ideas for your next American Girl doll party!

American Girl doll birthday party ideas


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