This summer I have every intention of doing some of the fun activities I’ve been pinning and bookmarking on my computer for the last couple of years. I must admit that because I’m not the most creative mom, I don’t always follow through with my grand plans for a boatload of activities.

Here are 35 activity ideas that I’ve collected and shared with you! Some I’ve done and many I’m planning on doing this summer! These are frugal, fun and simple, and they won’t take a lot of preparation or crafty skill. Perfect for our kids and hopefully for yours as well!

35 Fun, Frugal and Simple Summer Activities for Kids

  1. 7 Activities to do with Glow Sticks
  2. Fireworks in a Jar
  3. Jumping Grasshopper Craft
  4. Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint with Broken Chalk Pieces
  5. Sponge Relay
  6. Simple Bubble Recipe (No Glycerin)
  7. Easy Rainbow Bubble Snakes
  8. Campfire Cones Snack
  9. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program
  10. DIY Sponge Ball 
  11. Reading Map (link to printable under “Make Reading an Adventure” heading)
  12. Sidewalk Chalk City
  13. Melt Crayons in the Sun
  14. Spray each other with a hose
  15. Go on a nature walk and/or bike ride
  16. Make your own Bouncy Ball
  17. 6 Summer Ministry Ideas to do with your Kids
  18. Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag
  19. DIY Sidewalk Paint
  20. Visit all the parks in your area at least once
  21. Go on a picnic
  22. Complete these printable All About Bees Activities and make some Hunny Bee Cookies and buy some local honey for added fun
  23. Campfire Snack (with grapes, pretzels and cheese!)
  24. Splash in puddles on a rainy day
  25. Grow “Window Sprouts”
  26. Make a Sprinkler out of a Pop Bottle
  27. Race Soap Boats (or just float them in the kiddie pool)
  28. Paint with water on the sidewalk/driveway
  29. Have a hula hoop contest
  30. Have a Drive Inn Movie Event (great for a really hot day)
  31. Go to a free kids workshops at Lowe’s or Home Depot
  32. Play the Circle Sidewalk Game 
  33. Make Mini Marshmallow Shooters
  34. Make Solar Smores
  35. Make healthy fruit & yogurt popsicles {Recipe coming soon!}

Need a few more ideas? Check out four essential items for frugal kids summer activities!

You can print out these ideas and cross them off as you go (just copy and paste into a Word doc) or write each on a popsicle stick and put them in a jar, like this!

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  1. I am always looking for summer activity ideas. We can also go to the local couny fair (for little cost), the town parade on 4th of July, go fishing, set up a volleyball net in the back yard, etc.

    Just want to keep those kids buys!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

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