How wonderful would it feel to have confidence and peace about the school year ahead? 

Your child is in God’s hands, and although it isn’t always easy to “let go and let God”, we can know for certain that His Word says it is true!

He tells us that he’ll never leave or forsake your child (Hebrews 13:5) and that His right hand will guide their going out and coming in (Psalm 121:8).

As parents, we play an important part in the success of their school year as well! We can encourage them, be there for them and, most powerful, use Scripture to PRAY over our children.

31 days of prayer post feature

It’s not always easy to find time to pray and sometimes we struggle with what to pray about!

Prayer is an area I’ve struggled with in my adult life. I learned a lot of rote prayers in my childhood (and don’t get me wrong, those are great too!) but didn’t start developing the discipline of a personal prayer time until I was older, after a renewal of my faith as a college freshman.

Maybe it should be simple, but sometimes I got confused trying to figure out HOW to pray, WHAT to pray, and the true purpose of it altogether! A consistent prayer life is something I still wrestle through as a busy woman, wife and mom.

We know that “the prayer of the righteous is powerful and avails much”, according to the book of James.

And so we throw up a prayer on our way to school drop-off in the mornings, quickly ask for God to bless our family as we fall into exhausted sleep at night, and try to say the right thing during Bible study prayer time. And those prayers are definitely listened to and answered!

Consider how it would feel to have a strong and consistent prayer life, especially when it comes to your kids. We can set reminders for ourselves or study methods of prayer, and that is okay!

But is this a time in our busy lives where we could benefit from a simple guide that will give us specific ideas for prayer and show us just how to use Scripture in our prayer time? Could we use some prompts to keep us focused when we are trying to pray while fighting other distracting thoughts?

I think so! That’s why I created this Scripture and prayer-focused devotional. It’s for busy moms just like you—and me too–who want to nurture our prayer life and cover our kids with prayer as they go through the school year, but are just so busy that we’re overwhelmed with where to start.

Introducing the 31 Days of School Year Prayers devotional!

This downloadable, printable resource gives you specific school year related character qualities to pray about, along with relevant Scripture verses, a brief devotion for each day and journaling pages with a thoughtful question to prompt you in how to pray for your children.

31 school year prayers for your children devotional

This devotional will help you spend time in God’s Word and cultivate a stronger prayer life as you meditate on a Scripture verse and apply it personally to your child’s needs!

31 Days of School Year Prayers Devotional Details

31 Days of School Year Prayers for Your Children is a printable download (not a physical book) that includes:

  • 31 Day Calendar with Scripture Verses and a school-related character quality for each day (wisdom, bravery, kindness, perseverance, etc). You can start the devotional on ANY Sunday and continue for 31 days–doesn’t have to be the first day of a month.
  • 31 short daily devotions to go along with each verse on the calendar.
  • “Living and Active” section on the devotional page to write out or draw the verse in your favorite Bible translation – feel free to be creative!.
  • A thought-provoking question related to the verse.
  • Space to write a prayer for your child/children.
  • Bible verse print of Proverbs 1:5 to display in your home.
  • PNG version of the calendar so you can save it to your photos on your phone for quick reference.

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31 days of school year prayers for children

This devotional is easy to use even when you’re busy–get started right away!

You can print out the prayer calendar and daily devotions/journaling pages and put them in a binder or folder and work through the devotions in 31 days.

Your purchase also includes an image of the prayer calendar so you can save it to your phone and reference it quickly!

Plus a beautiful Scripture Art Print of Proverbs 1:5 to display in your home!!

I want us all as parents to take hold of the powerful discipline of prayer so that your children can enjoy a purposeful, Christ-filled, confident school year and so YOU can come away from your devotional time with a stronger prayer life!

James 5:16 says: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Through the power of God, our prayers are effective! Prayer can encourage our kids on hard days, cultivate faith, protect them from harm, and give strength.

When we can’t be with our children during their school day, our prayers go with them!

Join me in praying intentionally over our children for 31 days!

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31 days of school year prayers for your kids devotional with calendar

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