Looking for prayers for your pastor or ministry leader? 

I wanted to share with you a 31-day calendar with scriptures to pray over your pastor that I created to help you pray for those in ministry in your church (and other friends and family who serve this way as well!).

31 Days of Praying for Your Pastor and Ministry Leaders Free Printable Calendar

October is Pastor and Ministry Appreciation Month. All pastors and their families need prayer (I’m a pastor’s wife, so I’m SURE it’s true! ;) ) But sometimes we don’t really understand how incredibly important that is and how our prayers help shape their ministry.

31 days of praying for your pastor and ministry leaders free printable calendar

On this FREE printable calendar are 31 topics with Bible verses to pray over your pastor or ministry leader.

This praying for your pastor prayer calendar is updated for 2022!

Please consider using it with your children, as this is a great habit for them to learn as well!


Prayer Topics Included in the Pastor Prayer Calendar

  • Joy
  • Encouragement
  • Passion for Ministry
  • Family Time
  • Prayer Life
  • Patience
  • Fun
  • Heart for the Lost
  • Protection
  • Guarded Heart
  • And more!

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