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For Christians, Easter (also referred to as Resurrection Sunday) really is celebrated every day of the year.

We know that our Savior lives and that is something to always be excited about! When it comes to teaching the real meaning of Easter to our children we always try our hardest around these holidays to observe, focus, and engage our kids in what Christ really has done on our behalf.

3 ways easter Christ centered

3 ways we celebrate Easter with our children and keep it Christ centered

1. Go to church.   Whether you go every Sunday or go occasionally, there is nothing like worshiping the Lord as a family.  Singing songs about our Risen Savior and hearing God’s Word preached and proclaimed, that just gets your soul excited. It also helps teach your children what this holiday is all about. Christ paid our sin debt and He lives forever more! Praise God!

2. Put together spiritual baskets.  Now there is nothing wrong with candy and marshmallow peeps, but focus in on items that can help draw your children closer to God.

Here are a few suggestions: Bible videos, stickers,  a new Bible, Kid devotionals, book markers, Christian t-shirts, witness wear (bracelets, necklaces etc.).  Now I do add in some candy and fun stuff, but mainly I try to keep it on a spiritual emphasis.

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3.  Make resurrection eggs.  This is an awesome way to tell the Easter story to your children.  It helps them to get involved and put visuals to what they are learning.

You can do this during family devotions or during dinner. This really gets the children engaged by opening each egg and being able to tell the Resurrection story.  They love that part!


For a printable of the Resurrection Eggs CLICK HERE

For resurrection eggs for toddlers and preschoolers CLICK HERE

Instruction on how to make resurrection eggs CLICK HERE

Don’t want to DIY? Buy this set of resurrection eggs.

Making Christian holidays fun, interactive, and memorable is the key!  Helping our children learn and experience all that Easter means is a very important part.  

Giving our children the truth that Jesus paid our sin debt & conquered the grave will be passed to generations to come!

It’s so exciting knowing that we serve a risen Savior that He is alive and we need to pass that excitement along to our children!

Matthew 28:6  “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”


A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families is our family’s favorite resource for teaching our children about Jesus using a creative method–the five senses!

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