Guest Post by Meredith Feld

While many of us know which corner of our homes to search for when requiring a spool and thread, a lot of us have to scour our memories and shelves when it comes to actually organizing our sewing equipment. Uncovering these supplies within your own house shouldn’t be like “finding needle in the haystack” (excuse the pun); consolidating your sewing materials into an attractive organizer will make life infinitely easier. 

sewing organization

Basic Options

For the on-the-go girl looking for a quick fix to a fashion emergency, a simple sewing kit may be your best bet. This streamlined version is ideal for those who are simply hoping to achieve quick fixes. For example, as any working professional can vouch for, having basic thread and needle available in your office desk drawer is a must in case a button falls off your blazer ten minutes before a presentation.

Sewing kits don’t need to be those boring plastic cases you pick up at the drugstores. You can find something that is more you, whether that style is country or fashionista. These days you can even get sewing kits that look like miniature handbags, come in classy metal containers, or in a charming floral pattern.

Personalize It

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for at the store?  Consider creating your own sewing kit or storage container. After all, this box is intended to hold supplies that unleash your craftiness and creativity, so the exterior should reflect this. Below are two (of many) possibilities:

  • It’s important that whatever container you choose has plenty of pockets to keep your buttons, needles and miscellaneous goods separate from one another. Cheap jewelry organizers, found here, are a good place to start. From there, pull out your art supplies and let the fun begin! You can cover the surface with paint, wrapping paper, ribbon or the infinite other possibilities at your fingertips; this is a great project for kids, especially considering that they’ll love that their imaginative final product can be used on a regular basis. 
  • For something that you can conveniently store in your purse, create a small sewing kit made out of felt. Felt is super easy to work with and very inexpensive. Cut out a rectangle, than fold the bottom 2-3 inches up to create a pocket. Pin it and stich in place. Next, cut out a smaller rectangle about 1.5 inches smaller and place on top of larger rectangle.  Stich down the middle to create book leaves. Decorate, bedazzle and adorn to your liking. 
via JennT on Pinterest

Recycle and Revamp

Looking for other creative way to organize your sewing provisions without breaking the bank?  Use objects you already have around the house! While there are plenty of different options, one visual that might spark your imagination is this really cute idea of a Mason jar sewing kit.


This can easily be recreated at home by following these instructions: first, you are going to want to cut a circle out of fabric that is just slightly larger than the lid of the Mason jar; next, cut out a chunk of cotton batting and put it on top of the lid. Wrap the fabric over it, tucking in the batting, creating a puffy pin cushion; using a hot glue gun, attach the fabric to the bottom of the lid; pop the lid back into the canning ring and stick some straight pins in the top. This simple DIY project not only is practical, but can make for a great gift as well!

This is just one example of how different textiles and containers can be reused as sewing kits. Before you rush out to spend exorbitant amounts on supplies or a brand new kit, it may be worth taking a quick look around your kitchen, seeing whether there are any Tupperware containers, empty glass candle jars or items of a similar nature that could be transformed!


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