Looking for Christian Christmas gifts for your kids? Here’s a great list of Bible-based gift ideas that are meaningful, don’t break the bank and don’t create lots of extra clutter!

Here are some of our favorite things, 25 ideas from DIY stocking stuffers to board games and Scripture music that will help your children grow in their faith!

These gift ideas I’m sharing are for ages 4-8 but are flexible depending on your child’s maturity, etc.

25 Bible Based Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 4-8

25 Bible based Christmas gift ideas for kids ages 4-8! These gifts won't break the bank, are actually useful and won't add a bunch of clutter! Help your child grow in their faith at Christmas!

*All gifts have recommended ages listed next to them.

Printable/DIY Gifts

Sermon Notes Journal: Make a personalized notebook from Snapfish with blank or lined pages inside for your child to take to church as their own special sermon notebook! My daughter loves to draw so I included sermon notes AND pictures on her cover :)

(This pic is a few years old, so there are different choices now!)

You can also find many styles of personalized Scripture journals on Etsy.


JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself) Prayer Cards: These are a great stocking stuffer! Ages 4 and up

Or how about these Sibling shirts? What a great way to encourage sibling relationships with this reminder of the blessing they are to each other :)

Prayer Box: Make one like this! Or you can order one already made on Etsy!

DIY Bible Cover: This would be a great project even for a beginning sewer like me (at least with help)! Ages 4 and up

Scripture cover tutorial...not quite a bag, but goes in a bag or instead of a bag :)
via Pinterest

DVD/CD/Radio Theatre Ideas:

Jonathan Park – Creation Adventures Ages 7 and up

Adventures in Odyssey – We love AIO! Great for kids 6 and up, depending on the subject matter

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre – All Ages, depends on the selection

Brinkman Adventures – A new favorite! Ages 5 and up

What’s in the Bible – You need to get these DVDs for your kids! They are fun and fulfilling videos about the truths of God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation. They teach a ton about church history too, in a very interesting way. Best for ages 6 and up.

Scripture Music CDs

Hide Em in Your Heart, Vol 1 & 2 by Steve Green All Ages

Seeds Family Worship Music {Scripture Songs}- Each of these CDs comes with an extra copy that you can give to a friend! All Ages

My Heart Your Home {Wissmann Family Scripture Music} – This is our favorite! And adults love it too! You can see our full review here. All Ages


Book Series/Devotionals/Bibles

Brave Girls Bible Stories – My 6 year old is getting this new book for Christmas! Love! Ages 4 and up

God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional Ages 4 and up

My First Bible Storybook – Staying close and faithful to the biblical text, this children’s Bible presents a great introduction to God’s Word for the whole family to enjoy. Ages 2 and up.

ESV Grow Bible – My 8 year old has this Bible, which is packed with historical information, Bible background, maps and more! Ages 6 and up

Egermeier’s Bible Storybook – We love the realistic illustrations and the large amount of Bible accounts this book contains. Our 3 1/2 year old brings this to church as his Bible each Sunday.

The Growing in Faith Bible – from Concordia Publishing. Fabulous for 8 year olds (and up) who are fluently reading or children who love to be read to! Lots of interactive material. You can see the inside by clicking “look inside” under the product image.

God’s Amazing Creatures and Me: Devotions for Boys and Girls ages 6-10 – My 8 year old son loves this devotion because he loves animals! Ages 6 and up, but could be used for some 5 year olds.

The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids – We have not read this one yet, but it looks interesting! Ages 5 and up

Imagination Station Series – Exciting adventures through history for kids ages 6 and up!

1000 Sticker Story Bible – What little child doesn’t like stickers? And a great way to learn about the Bible in the meantime. Ages 3-5

You can see more recommendations for children’s Bibles by age in THIS post.


Bible apps or episodes of radio dramas are a great idea for keeping away clutter but adding value to your kiddos’ media time! Last year I printed up this certificate and put it in my son’s stocking! {These links are for apps at the Apple Store but many of them are made for Android devices as well.}


The Bible for Kids Ages 4-8

Adventure Bible Memory Ages 5-8

Adventures in Odyssey {single episodes and full albums available!} Ages 6-8

OR, join the Adventures in Odyssey Club!


Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog – Let them pick out something to give instead of get! All ages

In His Image Sensory Kit – This looks SO fun! You could even make one yourself! Ages 3 and up.

Bible Edition Board Games – Everything from Scattergories to Cranium, Apples to Apples and Scrabble! Ages 4 and up, depending on the game

Tales of Glory Figurine Sets – Many to choose from, you can get this Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set  on Amazon! Ages 4 and up

Galilee Boat 15 Piece Playset by BibleToys

The Ruby Doll and other doll sets from Doorposts – I’m looking forward to getting this for my daughter this year. She and my mom are planning to sew it together! Ages 6 and up

I hope you’ve all enjoyed these suggestions! Feel free to pin them or share if you think they might be helpful to others!

25 Bible Based Christmas Gifts for kids ages 4-8!

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56 Comments on 25 Bible Based Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 4-8

  1. We love Brave Girls! Even Mama was inspired to look at some things from a new perspective. :)

    We’ve also recently had recommended to us The Ology and The Biggest Story (picture books), and we love the Ask Me Whooo CDs, which are the children’s catechism put to music (catchy and, at least IMO, non-irritating).

  2. This would allow us to get in on some of the deals online this shopping season and make the most of our gift-giving dollars! I’ve also hoped for years now to donate a box of toys for each kid I have – I have 5 kids and would love to do at least 5 boxes every year. Likely, a good portion of this (or what it freed up for us) would go towards the meal, and the electricity bill AFTER Christmas. :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. Winning would bless our family with a few extras for Christmas and allow us to bless other families in need through donations to the food pantry at our church.

  4. Great gift ideas! Keeping our kids focused on JESUS is always a wonderful thing.

  5. Whoops, I didn’t see there was a question. That’ll teach me for not being more observant. And I call myself a homeschooler. lol
    Winning the prize be a blessing to my family because I would be able to buy fun things for my children, like more exciting homeschool supplies, which would free up finances for the curriculum we already use, or vice versa, which ever way works for you. lol
    I love buying books for my children, especially Bible based ones, but that can add up to quite a bit, so it would be a blessing to be able to purchase more books. Then I would just have to get a bigger house to fit all our books in. ;)

  6. Personally, I don’t do Christmas, but I clicked on the link to get some great ideas, just for ‘anytime’ gifts for my children.
    Some really great ideas here, and seeing some of them makes me want to get my children an ipad/tablet, just to download some of the apps. lol
    Thanks again for the ideas. :)

  7. Great ideas! What a blessing this would be for us. We parent special need kids and funds are always tight.

  8. Love all your ideas! Winning would allow us to get some much needed things for an orphanage we support.

  9. Thank you for an awesome opportunity to enter and possibly win… Whoever does win will surely be blessed. I personally would be able to out it to use since I have not been able to start any shopping but I would love to be able to share with a close church friend that has three boys as well. :)

  10. Loving these ideas! Thank you for putting it together! I have 4 kids all with birthdays within a month of Christmas. God really should have planned that better for me :)

  11. This would allow us to bless our family and friends in N.Y. (we are in Seattle). My bff has done so much for us and sent us so many things over the 8 years that we’ve been married, it’d be awesome to send her some things that she’d never get for herself!

  12. Some great ideas! This would bless us by helping to offset some of our daughters medical expenses.

  13. It will allow us to bless others and buy a few extra things for ourselves. My daughter wants lots of new books for Christmas which add up quickly.

  14. This would be a huge blessing to my family! We are trying to get out of a lot of debt and have very little to spend on Christmas!

  15. My family would be so blessed! We are expecting our second blessing in March and we would love to win this prize to help get the extra things we’ve been wanting/needing :)

  16. I love this!! I keep meaning to get the Adventures in Odessy, but this list has even more and sometimes even better suggestions! Some I’d never even heard of…

  17. Love all the ideas! And I really love the bible cover (may just have to do that for myself!)

  18. Sorry I didnt even say what it would go towards! It would go towards our basic survival at this time. Food to eat mainly, gas for the car to get around and hopefully some gifts our 4 year old can have a Christmas. You guys are awesome!

  19. Wow, what a wonderful thing you’re doing. I never sign up for these things and it’s my first time on your site. But I thought I’d try. Last year we gathered holiday donations to bless a family of 10 and 75 kids at a local childrens home from a youth ministry I founded. It was an awesome success and all God because we don’t really have personal funds as a family. My husbands been sick in the hospital and out of work. So it’s by Gods grace that we’re even eating day to day right now, literally. It would be nice to receive a blessing out of a life of giving out. No matter what though I know He is faithful and am so happy for anyone who could receive this gift.

  20. Hubby has been out of work for a while due to injury….he has just started getting back into work, but all of our money right now has to go towards bills and food. Nothing left over to get gifts or even a take out meal once in a while. This could help us get some necessities and hopefully a little extra to get a gift or two for the kiddos.

  21. Great ideas!

    I would love to win, but I hope whoever wins is someone who really deserves to have a bit of extra cash this holiday season.

    I’d buy my family some great gifts if I won.

  22. What a blessing this will be to whoever wins!! We’d be able to buy gifts for our children and family members without emptying our small savings account.

  23. Love these ideas! I’ve been on medical leave most the year due to some serious health complications. I am a single mom and this would be such a blessing

  24. What a blessing this would be! ! We had no Christmas last year due to funds being negative. This year, our child’s first Christmas, may be the same due to layoffs. We trust in the Lord and celebrate His birth and His love for us.

  25. Winning would be another reminder that God delights not only in meeting our basic needs, but at times also in providing for extra too.

  26. Winning this would really bless my family to be able to give more to others! What an incredible giveaway!

  27. This would certainly bless our family to use not only for my children, but also to give gifts to others.

  28. This would really help buy presents for my 5 children as well as blessing others-family & charities around us. I love the ideas you’ve listed above and as we really love audio dramas, we would love to purchase more.

  29. My family would be so blessed by this giveaway because we are struggling to find a way to make Christmas happen this year! My husband was abruptly fired from his job a few months ago, but God blessed us with a new job just 2 weeks later. However, we took a major pay cut, and his business is closing for several unpaid days at Christmas. Most of the employees save up vacation days, but he hasn’t been at the job long enough to earn the time. So we are not only wondering how we will make Christmas happen but how we will make ends meet this year! But God is so good, and we are just trusting Him! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    • Thank you for sharing your story Katie! God is good, you are so right, and His resources to meet our needs are above and beyond what we can comprehend.

  30. Winning this giveaway would be a blessing to our family; we live on a very tight budget and it would be so helpful :-).

  31. Winning this giveaway would bless our family immensely! Would allow us to give some sweet gifts without breaking the bank before our 4th baby arrives in Jan :)

  32. Wow! This gift would be such a blessing to our family! It would pretty much take care of our Christmas expenses. This would allow us to use the money we saved up for Christmas to pay toward my school loans.

  33. Winning would be a MAJOR blessing for my family. Our Christmas budget is going to be $0 because the Christmas bonus that we usually use for gifts is going to go toward a new vehicle for my husband to get back and forth to work with (our cheap to drive vehicle broke down last week). It is costing my husband over $100 a week for fuel with our work truck so we need to get something else.

    • Praying for you Darcy! We are in the midst of a situation that is similar, where we need to replace my husband’s work vehicle badly. Our Christmas budget is going to be very small this year. A friend of mine wrote a post called Christmas on a Zero Budget that I thought of immediately when I read your comment–maybe it will be encouraging to you as it was to me! https://snailpacetransformations.com/christmas-zero-budget/

      • Thank you for sharing. I actually read that post a few days ago and then shared with a friend who is in a worst predicament than I am.

  34. This will allow us to be able to give more freely this Christmas season like I would love to do

  35. Winning would allow my family the opportunity to serve others in our community. We always want to do the angel tree but never have the extra money to do it.

  36. Winning the would enable us to get gifts for our four kids and have some left over to donate to teach about giving.

  37. This would bless my family by taking care of most of the Christmas gifts for my four children. That would take such a stress off of me, you have no idea. thx

    • correction–that would take care of all of Christmas and then some. thanks

  38. Someone will definitely be blessed! This would allow us to share with others as well as help ourselves this season!

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