My childhood was filled with experiences of egg hunts on Easter morning, a church service where we would sing familiar Resurrection songs and a pretty table full of delicious food that we ate while spending time with family. They were sweet times and make for cherished memories!


However, our children won’t be celebrating this holiday quite the same way I did. Now that my husband and I and our kids will be hosting most holidays ourselves due to family changes and moving a distance away from my family, we are beginning our own traditions! We’ve decided one of these traditions is to let our kids enjoy Easter baskets and egg hunts while tying in our Christian faith to help keep us focused on the aspect of this holiday that is celebrated by the church.

Some Christians refer to this holiday as Easter and some prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday! 

Whether or not you fill an actual basket, this is a really wonderful time of year where a lot of great resources are available to help your children understand more of Jesus’ death and resurrection and His love for them!

I wanted to share with you the items we’ve put in our children’s Easter baskets throughout the years, a few new ones we will be adding this time around and some additional ideas that just look like they’d be great for kids while keeping them focused on Christ! :)

I’ve updated this post to include more than 60 Christian themed Easter Basket ideas for kids of all ages! 

50+ Christian Easter Basket Gift Ideas for kids of all ages!

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60+ Christian Easter Basket Gift Ideas


The Parable of the Lily

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

A Royal Easter Story (The Princess Parables)

Benjamin’s Box – The Story of the Resurrection Eggs

The Legend of the Easter Egg

The Story of Easter (great board book for toddlers and babies!)

Counting Through the Bible Board Book


The Legend of the Easter Robin (Recommended for ages 7 and up due to some strong crucifixion imagery in the storyline)

God Bless Our Easter – You can read my review and see photos of this book in this post!

God Gave Us Easter

Baby’s First Bible NKJV

Christian Books For Kids Ages 8-12:

Imagination Station Books from Focus on the Family – Time traveling back to Bible times with great spiritual truths throughout!

Trailblazer Books – Stories of Christian Heroes

Christian Heroes Then and Now – My 10 year old is obsessed with these books! Some can be pretty dramatic, because they’re about Christian missionaries and martyrs, so save them for kids who can handle that type of material.

How a Spider Saved a Man’s Life by Tony Hutter devotional book

God’s Amazing Creatures and Me: Devotions for Boys and Girls Ages 6-10

The Legends of Lightfall – Christian Graphic novel series for ages 11 and up

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series – Books based on biblical and ancient historical accounts with an adventurous twist, excellent for kids ages 7 and up!

Christian Themed Easter Activities for Easter Baskets

Wooden Eggs Craft Kit – I love these Wooden Easter Eggs that come with paint–they would be great for painting with Christian symbols and using for decorating in future years!

Building Faith Brick by Brick – This is a large picture book that teaches kids how to experience the Bible (30 Old Testament and 24 New Testament stories) in a hands-on way by building scenes using Lego® bricks!

Bible Character Figurines – Would be a great gift to use for imaginative play or reenacting Bible stories from the Old Testament.

New Testament Cube Puzzle

Wooden Resurrection of Jesus Toy Playset

Easter Story Felt Flannelboard Set

Crucifixion and Resurrection Flannel Board Set

Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter Set

Ocean Whale Jigsaw Puzzle (to remind kids of the beauty of God’s creation!)

Noah’s Ark Floor Puzzle (48 pieces)

Water Wow Bible Stories

Berenstain Bears Easter Sticker and Activity Book

Jesus Loves Me Musical Lamb – so sweet for babies!

Colored with Grace – Kids Coloring Book – excellent for older kids–especially my 7-year-old who loves detailed coloring!

Crucifixion / Resurrection Felt Story Board – great for imaginative play and acting out the Easter story.

31 Days of Prayer Journal for Kids – I have lots of journals from when I was a kid and they are so special to read now! With a children’s prayer journal, your kids can learn and grow during their own personal prayer time.

Bible Study Sticky Notes – great for older kids, I’ll be putting these in my 14-year-old daughter’s basket!

Color the Words of Jesus Christian Coloring Book

Melissa and Doug Bible Stories Reusable Sticker Pad – These are those reusable clingy stickers – not sticky. This is going in my 8-year-old’s Easter basket this year (or near it anyway!)

Christian Videos and Music for Easter Baskets – Ages 0 and up!

Seeds Family Worship CDs – Some of our favorite Christian music, with the words straight from Scripture! Great for kids (and adults) of all ages!

Hide Em in My Heart: Scripture Memory Songs by Steve Green

VeggieTales: An Easter Carol

What’s in the Bible: Jesus is the Good News – Very solid, Bible based videos with some good humor mixed in!

Jesus is the Good News!

Theo: God’s Heart DVD

Bible Adventures by Moody Publishing

Rain for Roots Kids Scripture Music

For Kids Ages 8 and up:

Adventures in Odyssey Audio Stories on CD – Our 10 year old son’s favorite Biblical stories with lots of adventure mixed in!

Brinkman Adventures Audio Stories on CD – My 7 year old listens to these each night before bed! There is some suspense but nothing that should be frightening to kids this age and up.

Heirloom Audio Adventures of G.A. Henty – Dramatic audio retellings of historical events that involved Christian heroes from long ago!

Christ-Centered Easter Gifts for Older Kids

Young Women’s Cross Necklace

Blessing Journal

Super Sized Book of Bible Verse Coloring Pages

This Beaded Cross Bracelet is so pretty!

Faithfulness Tote Bag

NIV Journal the Word Bible for Teen Girls

Bible Verse Locker Magnets for Girls

Bible Verse Trinket / Jewelry Tray

ESV Brown Journaling Bible – Journaling Bibles are for boys too! This one is black leather and has a side column on each page for writing notes.

The Lord is my Shepherd Jigsaw Puzzle (750 pieces)

Sticky Note Prayers – for boys and girls!

Strong and Mighty Warrior Mug – great for teen sons who like coffee or hot chocolate and who are hard to buy for :)

Be Still and Know Campfire Mug – pretty mug for young ladies!

Bible Highlighter SetThis one for guys; this one for girls

Choose Kindness: 3 Minute Devotions for Teen Girls

3 Minute Devotions for Guys: 180 Encouraging Readings for Teens

Walk in Faith: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Guys – My son, who is 16, has read and benefitted from this devotional

Christian Themed Rubber Wristbands with Bible Verses

Jesus Lamp with Scripture Verse Projection – This is really a cool idea!

Pre-Easter Ideas

If you’d like to incorporate some Scriptural resources even before Resurrection Sunday, here are a couple of ideas we love.

Resurrection Eggs – You can DIY a set of Resurrection Eggs, but this year I just went ahead and ordered this set (our homemade set got lost in the move).

Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter 

This is a long book, great for older children that can be read in the weeks (or days if you’re willing to read a bit more) leading up to Easter Sunday.

**Please be advised that the chapters in Amon’s Adventures can be quite intense, so if you have young children, this might be a bit dramatic and scary for them :)

The Easter Story Egg – A hands-on activity for families to use starting Palm Sunday! Can be used year after year as a family tradition.

Looking for ideas for Christ-centered Easter activities and crafts? Check out this post: 27 Must-Do Christ-centered Easter Activities for Families!

Christ centered Easter activities for kids and families

Have a blessed Resurrection season as you celebrate Jesus’ victory!

Pray through Scripture for the 40 Days of Lent!

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  2. I always put an empty egg in each basket to symbolize the empty tomb.

  3. Hi, thank you for the ideas…. :-)
    I was wondering what are some good books and ideas for 10 to 13 year olds…. We would still like to encourage their walk with Jesus…..
    Thank you…
    Mum of three :-)

    • Hi Trina! That is a great question! My oldest is 10, so I asked a couple of friends who have kids older than that as well. One friend suggested How a Spider Saved a Man’s Life by Tony Hutter (devotional for kids ages 9-12): Another said her boys (who are 8 and 13) really liked The Great Escape by Christine Farenhorst

      I’d suggest the Trailblazer books! My son likes these (he’s 10) Or just search the term “dave neta jackson” on Amazon and you’ll see all of the books in this series. The Torchbearers series is good for older kids, probably 12-15:

      And I totally forgot to mention the Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas on CD! Our 10 year old listens to them constantly! I hope that helps!

      • Oh thank you soo much… :) They are great suggestions….
        I pray that you and your family have a safe and blessed Easter…. And thank you again… Trina :)

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