Looking for family devotions about Thanksgiving? Download our free five minute devotions and spend November cultivating a thankful heart!

This November, do you want a simple way to focus not only on thankfulness but on Who we are thankful to for all our many blessings?

I’m sharing with you today what we are using for family devotions each morning as we “count down” to Thanksgiving! It will give you a really simple way to connect with your kids as we approach a busy holiday season.

Many times our mornings are very busy, driving the older two kids off early to Christian school and preparing for schooling activities at home with the younger two, and nights are full of activities so I prefer to have a short devotional that we will actually implement each day. 

Maybe this is you too! If you’ve been wanting to incorporate a short morning Bible time into your family’s day, 24 Days of Psalms of Thanks is perfect for the season of Thanksgiving!

24 days of psalms of thanks: 5 minute family devotions for the season of thanksgiving

24 Days of Psalms of Thanks was created with the busy family in mind! It has five minute devotions for families for the season of Thanksgiving. They focus on 24 psalms (since Thanksgiving is on the 24th this year) that talk about different types of praises and thanks given to God because of His character and the mighty things He has done!

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There you’ll find verses, a question for discussion and a prayer prompt for each day (including Thanksgiving Day). Just cut them into strips and either roll them up and open one each day (number the outside for quick reference) or cut off the numbers, fold the strips of paper and stick them in a big mason jar, pulling out a random one each day! I would save Day 24 for Thanksgiving Day though, because it’s pretty specific :)

Also included are 6 Scripture cards that you can print and share or use around your home!

UPDATE: 2018

Since Thanksgiving is on the 22nd this year, start the 30th of October or just pick a couple of days before Thanksgiving where you read two devotionals!

There are several different Scripture translations represented in the verses I used, but of course you are free to look up and use your preferred translation if you’d like!

I hope you enjoy doing these devotionals with your family. As I was writing them up, it was wonderful to reflect on the goodness and provision of God for His people. Often I forget how much we have to be thankful for!

Blessings to you in this Thanksgiving season!

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