Hi everyone! Today I wanted to quickly share a resource with you that will help you take charge of your family’s health. And I’m answering a super important question as it relates to the money being made in this bundle sale you’re going to hear about, so read on! ;)

2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle


This bundle includes over $1000 worth of ebooks and ecourses plus over $200 in bonuses! The cost of the bundle is $29.97, which is a remarkable deal.

—–> NEW THIS YEAR! Only 30,000 bundles will be sold, so if they run out before the sale is over, they’re gone! <——

Here are just some of the books that can be found in the bundle that I think would encourage, inspire and motivate you, my readers! There are many unique books in this bundle, and a lot that I haven’t seen in a bundle sale before. Click on the photos for more details.

There are also books for special diets (gluten free, etc), green cleaning, fitness, real food recipes, gardening/homesteading and more! 

The great thing is that if there are some books in the bundle that you’ve already read, you could either gift them to a friend, or even split the cost of the bundle with someone else! 

Question: Do I as a Blogger Make Money from This Bundle Sale?

Someone recently asked me a very valid question: do I make money from these bundle sales that I promote? 

The answer is yes, which is probably an obvious answer to most of you :) I make a percentage of each sale (40%) of each bundle I sell. However, I only participate in 2 bundle sales each year, this one in the fall and the Homemaking Bundle in the spring. 

I don’t want to overwhelm you as readers or bug you to buy things from me. I am not a natural salesperson (you should have seen me try to be a Mary Kay consultant) and it is not my heart to sell you things that are not worth it. 

But the reason I promote these two bundle sales is because I honestly believe they are a very good deal, especially for those who are on a small budget and could not afford to purchase many of these books individually, but who are motivated and needing advice in the area of healthy living, which is something I’ve been learning much about lately. They are also well-managed by the organizers (Stephanie from Keeper of the Home and Erin from The Humbled Homemaker along with many others) and so I choose to support them by sharing this sale with you!

I always donate 10% of my profits to Samaritan’s Purse and I use the remainder to pay for blogging costs and to contribute to our family so I can stay home with my 4 kiddos! So if you choose to buy, thank you for your support!


Questions about the bundle? See the FAQs! —-> Click Here or feel free to ask in the comments! Have a great day!


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