Over the past few years, our home has been overtaken by a collection of small colored shape items known as….Legos. 

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? At least in the area of Legos. You don’t have to look very far to find ideas for incorporating Legos into your family life. They can be used to teach and learn, to entertain and to help cure boredom. 


We’ve been enjoying a Matthew Lego Challenge this summer (pictured above, my son’s “family tree” taken from the first lesson, of trees growing just like families do), and it’s been a great way to stimulate my children’s creative thinking skills as they build different “scenes” from the book of Matthew in the Bible. It’s motivated me to keep up with these Lego challenges all year long! There are so many you can do with your kids and lots of other ways you can use Legos in your home. Here are 20+ Lego activities for kids that mom and dad can have fun doing too! 

20 lego activities for kids and families

Lego Activities for Kids and Families

Matthew Bible Lego Challenge – available for purchase or the basic challenge list is free

Learn the Bible while building with Legos!

Roll and Build Lego Challenges

Lego States Challenge

Learning States, Capitols and Abbreviations


Jesse Tree Lego Challenge

Engineering for Kids: Build a Lego Waterwheel

Proverbs Lego Challenge

Lego Tower of Babel

Lego Ducks

Ocean Lego Creatures


Hands On Multiplication Graph

Lego Baseball: A Math Game For Kids, by Kids

Lego Math Challenge

Lego Science Scavenger Hunt

Lego zip line homemade simple toy biplane slopes angles gravity weight

Lego Marble Run

Lego Zip Line

Lego Brownies

Build Upper and Lowercase Letters with Lego Duplo 

Color Block Puzzles with Lego Duplo

Design Your Own Wooden Train with Lego

BONUS: Try building your own Lego Table with your children! 

There are almost 50 FREE Lego apps that my kids have enjoyed as well, perfect for our long trips to see Grandma and Grandpa. Lego Creator Island is one of our favorites. Just go to the Lego website and search “apps”, as there are options for both Apple and Android devices.

And for MORE ideas and inspiration, the Lego Ideas Book is a must-have!


Check out these Lego-themed videos on Netflix Streaming! (Sharing as part of the Netflix Stream Team!)

Disclaimer: We’ve only seen two of these Lego videos (Lego Super Heroes Maximum Overload and The Adventures of Clutch Powers), and one sadly is not even on Netflix streaming anymore (Clutch Powers), although I believe it may be available on Netflix DVD. Please use discretion and view shows before your children watch them if there is a concern!

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  1. Thanks, Courtney! I hope you enjoy all the activities! It’s taking us awhile to work through them too ;)

  2. I love these! I really want to try the Bible Lego challenges! I think my Little Man would really enjoy that! Oh, and the Science Scavenger Hunt! He’d love that one too! I pinned this and it’s going to take me quite some time to work through all of them with him! Thanks!

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