Mother’s Day is a great day for celebrating moms and grandmothers and what a blessing they are to us! 

Sunday School class is a great opportunity for making Mother’s Day crafts. Adding a craft to one of your Bible lessons is a fun way to have each child make something for the special moms in their lives. 

Here are 12 creative and easy Mother’s Day crafts for Sunday School or children’s church! I found several ideas for multiple age groups. 

Making these Mother’s Day gifts can take as much or as little time as you’d like during your class period and could even be done the week prior to Mother’s Day.

Before you begin, teach a simple Mother’s Day Sunday School lesson plan (click here). 

Or download and print this Mother’s Day Bible activity that teaches children about important mothers in the Bible. You could also add a coloring page for Mother’s Day. Then you can do one of these Mothers Day crafts with your students. 

12 Mother’s Day Crafts for Sunday School

1. Mother’s Day Bible Verse Flower Craft

This is a colorful, fun project with your Sunday school class if you have older kids. Flowers are great for representing spring and Mother’s Day. You can find the step-by-step instructions at Thinking Kids Blog.

2. Mother’s Day Snack Tag Printable

Print this cute saying for moms and clip it to a paper bag filled with special treats that moms will enjoy! Treats always make a great gift.

Find the tutorial at True Aim Education.

3. Mother’s Day Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers

These are so cute! A fun project if you have time. You’ll need some extra hands for this one if you have a class of younger kids. 

Supplies needed are hot glue, green pipe cleaner, different colors of pony beads, and additional pipe cleaners. Kids will string beads onto pipe cleaners to make a flower shape. Help them to pick mom’s favorite colors for the flowers.

Read the full instructions at One Little Project.

4. Mother’s Day Bible Craft

Here are a couple of ideas for Mother’s Day Bible crafts. 

  • This simple Mother’s Day Bible poem craft can be made by younger children by using pre-printed poems or written out by older students. 
  • Make a cute printable fingerprint card and have the child add how they are thankful to God for their mom. Click HERE and scroll down to “Mother’s Day Fingerprint Card” for the printable.
  • Younger students can make a cute Mother’s Day journal using this craft kit. Saves time if you have only a few minutes to do a craft and students can use their own creative ideas to decorate the journals.
  • This flower pot card craft can be written using the creator’s idea (thank you for helping God’s love bloom in me) or a specific Scripture verse that the child wants to share with mom.

5. Egg Carton Flowers 

These classic egg carton flowers are a great gift for a mom, grandmother, or older woman at church who may not have anyone to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. 

You can also find a version of this craft made with a cupcake liner, adding a photo to the center of the flower, over at Primary Playground.

6.  Preschool Toddler Mother’s Day Craft Idea

This super simple craft has a printable Scripture verse attached to a foam flower shape that you find at a craft store. It’s a great option for a class with toddlers or preschoolers. Have the kids color or draw on the flowers with markers. 

Find the instructions at The Browy Blog.

7. 3D Flower Mother’s Day Card

Make a Mother’s Day card with watercolor paints, white coffee filters, and cardstock paper. Add in a Bible verse at the bottom of the card such as Proverbs 31:28: Her children arise and call her blessed.

Find this craft HERE.

8. Mother’s Day Handprint Craft

Have the kids in your class make a cute handprint craft! Handprints are a great way for moms to have a tangible memory of the ages and stages of their children. All you need is this free printable and some paint! 

9. Mother’s Day Picture Frame

This is a great way to make a Mother’s Day gift if you’re pressed for time in class. Simply order the set of 12 and assemble the picture frame according to the directions. 

Find it on Amazon.

10. Mother’s Day Bead Keychain

Students can choose if they want to make a pony bead keychain or a bracelet with this simple craft. Have kids pick their favorite Bible verse reference that honors their mom to put on the keychain or bracelet.

11. Mother’s Day Homemade Cards for Kids

This craft only involves construction paper and a stapler. Good for older students who can work independently. Find the instructions HERE.

12. Mother’s Day Scripture Sunflower

This craft was originally designed for Father’s Day but it makes a great Mother’s Day craft too. You’ll only need some simple supplies that you probably already have in your children’s ministry supply closet at church. Visit Christianity Cove for details.


If you teach junior high or high school students, you could have them put together this Mother’s Day scavenger hunt activity to complete at home. It’s a creative way for your student to honor mom!

Choose one of these craft projects for Mother’s Day Sunday at church. Your Sunday school student will be proud of his or her hard work! 

I hope you enjoy using these Mother’s Day ideas for crafts with your Sunday school students.

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