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The season of Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to reinforce Scriptural truths about gratefulness and contentedness. I wanted to share some free printable resources for doing this very thing with your kids or grandkids!

Here are (UPDATED!) 15 FREE Bible -based Thanksgiving printables that your whole family can enjoy together and will help you teach Scripture too!

bible based thanksgiving printables

15 Free Bible-Based Thanksgiving Printables for Families

Thankfulness Scripture Copywork (free printable)

DIY Thankfulness Card Jar

Printable Gratitude Family Devotionals

Thanksgiving Calendars


Blessing Mix (Printable Tags) – great for gift giving!

Thanksgiving Printable Bible Verse Cards

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scripture Place Cards

I’m Grateful For Coloring Pages (for upper elementary/middle school kids–makes a great keepsake)

Thanksgiving Activity Pages (for preschool to lower elementary kids – some free, some for purchase)

More Thanksgiving Coloring Pages (for preschool to lower elementary – all for free)

Emergent Reader Thanksgiving Story (we did this at home with our 6 year old!)

Preschool Thanksgiving Printables (Lots of choices!)

Pumpkin Purse and Postcards (for writing down things you’re thankful for at the Thanksgiving table!)

Indian Corn Printable with Bible Verse (use fall colored tissue paper or Do a Dot markers to color it in for an easy craft!)

Giving Thanks: Free Thankful Banner Download

thanksgiving hymn puzzle hunt

Gratitude Journal and Other Thanksgiving Activities for Kids (so beautifully designed!)

thanksgiving printables

24 Days of Psalms of Thanks: Five Minute Reflections for Families in the Season of Thanksgiving

This is the cutest little craft you can make with your whole family, so even though it’s not a printable I had to mention it!

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Frame 

Thanksgiving turkey family hand craft


Hope you enjoy these fun activities!

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