We’ve talked a lot in this blogging series about what you should do as a blogger. But let’s take a different approach today as I share 10 things bloggers shouldn’t be doing!


1. Don’t ignore your readers. Engage them on Facebook as time allows, ask them questions at the end of your posts to get their input, reply to their comments and if they are bloggers themselves, try to visit them at least once to be an encouragement!

2. Don’t base your success on stats, pageviews and “likers”. As a Christian blogger, writing for the Lord is of course your most important reason for being online! While you’re doing that, you will likely encourage and inspire many people through your unique talents and viewpoint. Acknowledging that your blog belongs to God anyway and that there are other, more important things that should be your greatest achievement goes a long way in cultivating contentment.

3. Don’t be a faker. Don’t write content to get views. Views do not equate to readers all of the time! It’s really okay to be yourself!

4. Don’t be a jerk. Seriously. I’m sad that I even have to say this, but sometimes it’s the bloggers that are the “mean girls” rather than the readers. I’ve talked about this previously in the series but if the majority of your posts are criticisms of your fellow man {or woman}, your children and your spouse or you use your blog as a platform for attacking others and creating controversy {yes, if you’re a Christian blogger this applies to you too},  you’re on the wrong track!

5. Don’t over-commit yourself. When you allow yourself to be pulled in too many different directions, it can make you a “jane of all trades, master of none”. It is SO hard not to do this, and over-committing is a big struggle of mine. Create a schedule and stick to it {easier said than done, right?}. Slowly, very slowly, I am learning not to take on more than I can reasonably handle.

6. Don’t expect to be an overnight success. I have only heard of one “overnight success” website and that was a result of the blogger having worked very hard on another one of her blogs for several years! {This is the blog I’m talking about!}

7. Don’t feel as though you have to do everything to have a wonderful blog. There are oodles of tutorials you can watch or read and plenty of blogging books that will teach you how to be a successful writer, how to design your own blog for free and tons of tips to improve your stats and grow your blog!

All of these materials {many of them I’ve covered in my blogging series} are very helpful and handy to know, but don’t ever feel that you have to master every single thing in order to have the “perfect” blog! There will always be something new to learn. Just stick with what you can handle and what you have time for, making sure that it doesn’t interfere with what’s most important.


8. Don’t have a messy, super-busy and difficult to read website or blog. Because those flashing lights, bright colors and distracting music make me feel like I’m at a disco. Or my high-school prom. :)

9. Don’t get discouraged or give up! One day at a time, one step at a time, one minute at a time will get you where you need to be at this point in your “blogging life”.

10. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Just don’t. Fight the jealousy and the pride as hard as you can, arming yourself with the knowledge of who you are according to God and what He has called you to do.

Bonus: Don’t worry, just give it to God. Yes, this is so easy to say but hard to do, isn’t it? At least it is for me! I’m a worrier by nature and so letting the Lord take the reigns is not something that comes naturally to me. But the Lord really is perfectly capable of taking on your worries, concerns and feelings of being overwhelmed in order to refine you and make you more like Him while giving you comfort that you cannot find anywhere else–not in blog numbers, stats, “likes”, blogging privileges or money.

What other “don’ts” would you add to this list?

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26 Comments on 10 Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Do

  1. These are great tips. As a new blogger, it’s tough sometimes to not compare myself to other bloggers. Thanks for the ideas.

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  2. I have been struggling with #1 lately. Between my mom’s injury and our son’s impending wedding, I have been so busy these last two months. So I was always anywhere from a couple of days to a week late on responding to my comments. In fact, I am behind now.

    I was caught up last week but then it was our son’s wedding week and so I got behind again, lol!

    Things have calmed down a bit so once I catch up maybe I can stay caught up again! ;) Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday linky party!

    • There are definitely times where we need to step back and let the comments wait, for sure! I think you’re pretty good at keeping up with your comments!

  3. You got me at #9 — I’ve been feeling discouraged (but not giving up!) with so many things I need to do. Having trouble focusing in on highest priorties. This series has been a great encouragment this month. I’ll be re-reading several posts over the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much!

    • Thank you Linda! I try to remember, one step at a time, one moment at a time and if I don’t have time for everything, that’s ok!

  4. Love the list of don’ts! I think it’s so easy to compare ourselves to other blogs – for me, I love looking at other designs and blog looks and it’s hard when I’m limited at this time to a “free” blog. I’m looking forward to stretching my bloggy wings soon by switching over to a paid blog and cultivating my OWN unique style :) Loving the series!

    Nicole @ WKH

    • Oh, my, I compare myself all the time! Something I’m constantly warring against. Totally understand :)

  5. I love these tips! A lot of them are things that God has recently been convicting my heart on. Especially, 5 and 7. God and I have had a lot of lengthy chats on getting my heart and priorities in line with his lately. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Great list, Kent! I would add “Don’t steal! ” I’ve had content stolen from me a couple of times and it’s so awkward having to approach someone about it. The best way to grow your blog is just by being YOU :)

  7. I really like point number one. I actually tend to not follow blogs when the author ignores me. I understand that everyone’s busy, and that other things come first, but I’m in blogging because I enjoy the community blogging can build. Engaging with your readers is a huge part of that.


    • It is a big part! And I know bloggers can’t reply to my every comment but I always love it when they do!

  8. I’d add, don’t skip your quiet time and pray before you write. If our wells are empty, we have no water to share with others. We have to be filled up in order to splash over onto someone else.

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