Spring is here, and I know that when it does, I need ideas for my baby girls to get out and do that is fun and affordable. Here is a simple little list I came up with, that has sparked AMAZING memories! 

·       Go in the kitchen, and cook with them. I throw my kids up on the counter, and this is our favorite place to be. They help me make lunch, they love making desserts (try making this easy rhubarb crumble pie), and it’s a great way to teach them about kitchen safety (Don’t touch the stove, sharp knives, etc) Some of the best recipes for my kids, I find here.
·       Go outside, and let them play. The weather here in Tennessee is warming up, so I am letting my girls run themselves tired before bed, a great way to get out and get some fresh air, and hear lots of laughter. (Find some frugal spring and summer outdoor activity ideas here and here!)
·       Enjoy a book, and turn the TV off. I turn the tv off, especially on weekends. That is our time to dig into their little minds through books, scripture, and cuddle time where they can use their imagination.
·       Make fun, simple crafts. Macaroni necklacespaint handprints, let them get messy at the kitchen table. What is so fun to do is make your own play dough or magic milk paint and let them just dive right in. I’ve learned a messy kitchen means my babies are making memories, and I can clean it up later. 
·       Go on a walk. Get them moving, and you too. It’s a great way to let off stress and frustration, and a gateway to teach them about nature.
·       Grill out, and enjoy eating outside. Throw your favorite on the fire and enjoy a night out on the porch, and while you’re at it, invite family over.
·       Rent a family movie, and enjoy a good laugh. My oldest daughter loves this one.
·       Plant something. This one is my favorite so far. My girls loved getting potting soil and seeds, and just 4 weeks later, their little flowers are starting to grow! 
·       Learn a new skill with your kids. Make braceletssew, create something new.
·       Make a time capsule. Put in some little memories in a box, and let your kids pick them. Seal it up, and put it away for 10 years. This could be fun!

Ashley is just a simple country girl, living in the heart of the South with her little family. She writes to help other women, and for Jesus. You can find her at her blog or on Facebook.

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5 Comments on 10 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids, Right Now {Contributor Post by Ashley}

  1. Ashley, these are such great ideas! I especially love getting out the books and going for a nature walk. I have a friend who made a time capsule with her children and opened it 15 years later. It was so awesome to see what they had included!
    Enjoy your sweet daughters!
    Blessings and love ~ Mary

    Thanks to you too, Jenn!

  2. Great ideas Ashley, and they are cheap. The media tries to pressure us into believing that having fun has to always be expensive. Have fun with the girls as the weather warms up!

  3. This is a wonderful list! I need to be better about shutting of the TV. I’m not watching it, but my kids are. How much better would life be if they were outside playing??? One thing we like to do (when the TV if off!) is gather in one room and read; each of us has our individual books or magazines… the important part is that we are TOGETHER! xoxo Jules

  4. I love this list Ashley & Jenn! If you have time I’d love it if you’d share it at Family Fun Friday (opens later today). Praying Jenn for a comfy pregnancy!

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